Riverside drive to become parkland under the Kurilpa plan

The provided map shows Riverside Drive will be closed from Victoria Street.Brisbane TimesAnother stretch of Riverside Drive is set to become parkland according to an announcement from Environment, Parks and sustainability chairman Cr Matthew Bourke on Friday afternoon.

The move is a part of the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal, which will see Riverside Drive completely reclaimed as parkland over the next twenty years.

The entrance from Victoria Street will be closed to motorists starting January 5 and various traffic fencing wil be removed to allow pedestrians and cyclists safer access through West End.

"What we are going to do is close the section between Victoria Street and Davies Park, like we have done with the other section and make it more pedestrian and cycle-friendly," Cr Bourke said.

Early next year the area will be revamped with park seats, health equipment and landscaping, while the road will be marked as a cycleway allowing continued access along the existing route.

At present this stretch of road is mainly used for parking during the Davies Park Markets, and there's been no announcements as to what alternative arrangements might be made, however the Kurilpa Bridge end of Riverside Drive is remaning open, and there's plenty of other bicycle and bus access to the markets.

The Kurilpa plan will eventually see a doubling of the amount of public space for the community and the draft plans include a new, one hectare riverfront park.

The Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal will see the riverfront kept as parklandKurilpa Riverfront Renewal

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