Queensland Bicycle Laws & Guidelines

Please note that this information has been compiled from various Queensland Government web sites and in no way constitutes legal advice. If you're unsure, check with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Where can I ride?

In Queensland you may ride on either the road or the footpath. When riding in a pedestrian area (the footpath, or most cycleways), you are required to keep left and give way to pedestrians. Some footpaths may be signed "no bikes," in which case you must use the road instead.

Changes to the law in 2014 made it legal to ride across crossings and traffic lights, whereas previously cyclists were expected to dismount and push.

What equipment do I need/what constitutes roadworthiness?

There's a few items that you are required by law to have, and you may be booked if you don't have them.
  • Helmet (Unless you have a doctors certificate saying you can't wear a helmet).
  • A bell, horn, or other warning device.
  • At least one effective brake.

Riding at Night

  • At least one red reflector on the rear (may be fixed to the bike, or on your backpack).
  • A flashing or steady front headlight.
  • A flashing or steady red tail light.

Road Rules for Cyclists

Road rules for cyclists are much the same as they are for cars, although there are some exceptions. You can check out a comprehensive list of rules and regulations on the Queensland Government site.