Bicycles & Alcohol in Queensland

Bicycles are considered vehicles under Queensland law, and as such are subject to alcohol laws. The law applies to bikes almost exactly the same as it does to cars.

The only difference is that you can ride a bicycle without a car license. Consult the following table to find which situation best describes you.

Legal Blood Alcohol Limits to Ride a Bike in Queensland
Car LicenseAgeLegal Limit
No LicenseUnder 250
No LicenseOver 250.05
Provisional or LearnerUnder 250
Provisional or LearnerOver 250.05
Open LicenseAny0.05

As a general rule, drinking and riding can increase the risk of accidents so it’s a good idea to avoid riding to the pub. Please also double check with the Queensland Government driver guide, because the above figures might not reflect the latest changes.

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