Cycling to Brisbane Airport

While the Jim Soorley bikeway takes you around the outskirts of the airport, you’ll have to take Airport Drive to get to the international and domestic airport terminals by bik.

There are two routes to the airport for cyclists; Airport Drive from the west and Lomandra Drive from the south.

Airport Drive

Airport Drive is the main road to the airport and is accessible from Nudgee Road, Sandgate Road and the Kedron Brook bikeway.

There is no real cyclist infrastructure leading on to Airport Drive, particularly intersecting Southern Cross Way and Nudgee Road. There are traffic lights to direct traffic but you will still need to be confident around motor traffic to take this route.

When heading to the airport, once you get past Southern Cross Way it’s advisable to take the first left turn and follow the overpass to Lakeside Drive to avoid heavy traffic.

Lomandra Drive

Lomandra Drive is an alternative route to the airport, accessible from the south off Kingsford Smith Drive. If you’re coming over the Gateway Bridge, this is the quicker route.

You will need to be reasonably confident around motor traffic to take this route, as there are few road shoulders and the road is somewhat narrow. Heading to the airport you should turn right onto Qantas Drive as you reach the elevated railway.

Riding to DFO

DFO is accessible by bike via both Airport Drive and Lomandra Drive.

There are no dedicated bikeways to DFO, so you’ll need to be reasonably confident to take this trip.

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