The Goodwill Bridge from afar on a sunny day, the Captain Cook Bridge and Kangaroo Point in the background.

Goodwill Bridge

The Goodwill bridge is a pedestrian and cycle structure connecting the QUT Gardens Point campus and the southernmost part of the CBD with South Bank and the South East Bikeway.

The bridge was built in 2001 and was the first of a succession of non-motor bridges to be built in the area. Other bridges include the Kurilpa Bridge less than 2 km to the north, and the Eleanor Schonell Bridge further up the river.

Like the Kurilpa Bridge, the Goodwill Bridge includes several seating bays, which provide a great spot to stop and admire the view. The Goodwill Bridge has the added benefit of having the Cafe on the Bridge, a coffee cart which serves coffee, tea and desserts all week round.

Getting to the Goodwill Bridge

The Goodwill Bridge is accessible from all sides and is a great way to get to and from the city. The bikeway follows the river on both sides so it's pretty difficult to miss it.

The northern landing takes you to Gardens Point where you can continue on to the QUT Gardens Point campus, turn right through the Botanic Gardens and on to the Riverwalk, or left onto the Bicentennial Bikeway to Toowong.

The southern end lands at South Bank where you can stop at the pub, or continue left or right along the river. To get to the Southeast Bikeway and southern suburbs, turn left and follow the water until you see the M1 Motorway overhead.

Interesting Things Nearby

There's plenty of dining nearby, including the Ship Inn pub at the southern end, and South Bank beyond. Alternatively you might want to stop at the top and grab a coffee while you admire the view.

The Queensland Maritime Museum is also at the southern foot of the bridge. The museum has a show of models and vessels including the Diamantina, a World War 2 navy frigate which you can explore top to bottom.

Or if you're feeling like a picnic or barbecue lunch, there are plenty of spots around South Bank and the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Map of Goodwill Bridge