A concept render of a single-mast cable stayed bridge, spanning across a glittering Brisbane River 'Day aerial view of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge – Artist impression only' by Brisbane City Council is licensed under a Creative Commons license

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

The KP green bridge will connect Kangaroo Point with the CBD at the north end of the city botanical gardens with dedicated cycle lanes. The bridge is closed to motor traffic, so it's a safe way to walk, scoot, and cycle around the city.

When it's completed, you can get from the CBD, Eagle Street/Riverside precinct, and botanical gardens directly across to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Captain Burke Park.

A new tunnel under the Story Bridge will also link up with the Shafston Avenue/Wynnum Road bikeway for communters in East Brisbane and beyond. It's going to be great.

The bridge will be shaded by solar panels along the entire length, and have integrated vegetation to help keep things cool in the hot subtropical climate. The bridge will have a restaurant over the water, and the public viewing platforms will be a great spot to pause and enjoy the river views or snap some photos.

The bridge has at most a gentle 1:20 grade, for even novice cyclists to power up.

Kangaroo Point bridge construction

The kangaroo Point Bridge heads out from the city shore, but doesn't cross the whole river yet
The bridge is under construction and doesn't yet cross the river (Sep 2023)

The bridge is a 460 metre long single-mast cable-stayed pedestrian bridge, similar to the Neville Bonner bridge. It's one of the longest cable-stayed pedestrian bridges of its kind in the world. The mast towers 83 metres above the bridge deck.

BESIX Watpac was awarded the contract to design and build the Green Bridge. Construction started in 2021 and will finish later in 2023.

The bridge includes a number of best-practice sustainable features including solar panels on the shade cover to power the bridge’s lighting, rain gardens at C.T. White Park to slow stormwater run-off, and extensive use of native plants in new landscaping.

September 2023 status

As of September 2023 the bridge is still under construction.

The Kangaroo Point end crosses the existing bikeway at Hamilton Street, and you can see where it will connect to the tunnel (also under construction) at Main Street.

On the city end the bikeway is closed at the Botanic Gardens while construction continues, but the bridge and one of the viewing platforms is visibly progressing.

Interesting Things Nearby

There are plenty of dining options nearby. The bridge includes an integrated restaurant and coffee options. The Eagle Street precinct on the CBD side has plenty of dining including the famous The Bavarian. The Kangaroo Point end is close to the Baildon Street precinct, home of the Story Bridge Hotel.

What about free things to do in Brisbane? The Botanical Gardens, or Kangaroo Point Cliffs are always good for a stroll or a picnic. Captain Burke Park and The Cliffs have free barbecues and picnic shelters.

Alternatively if you're up for a scenic hike or bike, you can do a loop around the City Reach Boardwalk, across the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge (once it's completed), up and over the Story Bridge, then down Ivory Lane to Howard Smith Wharves.

Map of Kangaroo Point Green Bridge