Brisbane River Loop

The Brisbane River Loop is popular recreational cycle route that follows the Brisbane River from South Bank to Indooroopilly and back again.

This route is popular on weekends with cyclists of all stripes heading out to get some fresh air and exercise. The majority of the route is on residential back streets, although there are some more busy stretches further out of the city. There is a good mix of flat and hill cycling, and you can also choose the Mini Brisbane River Loop should the full loop prove too challenging.

The full loop is 35-40 km, whereas the mini loop is slightly under 20 km. Jump bottom of the page for the map.

Mini Brisbane River Loop

The Mini Brisbane River Loop cuts out the Indooroopilly/Tennyson/Fairfield sections of the loop by heading across the Eleanor Schonell Bridge. This short-cut effectively cuts the loop in half, and provides a good “training” loop for those who aren’t as experienced.

Those less confident with road cycling can turn along Sandford Street at Toowong and take the back streets along the river rather than taking Sir Fred Schonell Drive.

Other Variants

The River Loop is loosely defined, so many people have their own variants. Some popular ones include:

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