Cycle Centres in Brisbane

If you're regularly riding to the city but your owrkplace doesn't have a shower or anywhere to park your bike, you should consider checking out one of the cycle centres.

Brisbane City Council is indertaking an initiative to encourage cycling in Brisbane City through the construction of three "cycle centres", offering secure bicycle parking as well as shower facilities and services such as washing,

Each cycle centre has been leased out to contractors to run, so each have their own pricing and perks. Generally you can subscribe for a yearly or monthly fee, or pay a little more for a single day's use of the facilities. It's convenient for commuters and recreational cyclists alike.

King George Square

The King George Square cycle centre — Cycle2City — was opened in May 2008 and is taking new memberships.

You can get to the King George Square cycle centre from the Bicentennial Bikeway by getting off at the Turbot Street exit and following the cycleway until Roma Street.

87 Roma Street
Brisbane, Qld, 4000 Australia

Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital

The cycle centre at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital has opened and offers reasonably priced cycling facilities underneath the RBWH busway station.

While not ideally located for CBD access, the RBWH cycle centre is open to hospital staff as well as the general public, and offers considerably lower prices than the central city facilities.

RBWH Cycle Centre
Butterfield Street
Herston, Qld, 4029 Australia

Fortitude Valley

A new cycle centre has been built in the HQ Building in Fortitude Valley, and is operated by 99 Bikes.

The Fortitude Valley centre has all the regular amenities including parking, showers, lockers and dry cleaning.

For more information on the cycle centres, check the map below.

Cycle Centres in Brisbane Map

This map has been derived from a number of data sources. Portions may not be completely up to date, so please use discretion when riding. If you notice any errors, please get in touch (off-site).

Solid green line
Footpath, off-road cycleway, bike lanes or quiet back street.
Dark green dashed line
Road with little or no dedicated bike infrastructure, but a quiet or easy ride for more confident cyclists.
Red dotted line
No bicycle infrastructure, only recommended for cyclists comfortable riding with traffic.

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