Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (or BVRT) is a 161 km off-road bike trail following the route of the old Brisbane Valley rail line, It is the longest trail in the country.

Explore some of Queensland’s most unique country towns with a wide range of heritage-listed buildings, historic remains, galleries and attractions. Whether going solo, in a group or with the family there is something for everyone.

The trail follows the gentle grade of the old rail line through the Brisbane Valley, including through historic tunnels and fording creeks where old bridges couldn't be maintained. During heavy weather some sections of the trail may be closed.

The trail was constructed in stages between 1996, and was finally finished in 2018.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail accommodation

Even though the trail from start to finish is a multi-day affair, wild camping is not legal along the BVRT.

There are paid campsites or hotels in most towns along the trail. Many towns on the northern section also have free camps if you plan to pitch your tent.

Be sure to plan your journey in advance to avoid potential surprises.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail adventures

Queensland's Greatest Rail Trail is open all year round. Really close to Brisbane, it's all off-road and traffic free, just South East Queensland's big skies and distinctive landscapes to enjoy.

Come and experience for yourself why thousands of people love exploring the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail at a leisurely pace on bicycle, on horseback or on foot. Get a group of friends together and come and find out what Queensland country all about.

For more information, check out the website.

Map of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail