People riding past a grassy field along the Jim Soorley Bikeway and off into the distance past some trees.

Jim Soorley Bikeway

The Jim Soorley Bikeway currently connects the Moreton Bay Cycleway to the Kedron Brook Cycleway through the wetlands between the Gateway Motorway and Brisbane Airport.

This is one of Brisbane's more functional cycleways, and caters more for commuters due to it's minimal chicanery. It's not uncommon for the cycleway to get busy at peak hour, and in the afternoons it's a good route for joggers as well. The cycleway is quite wide, so even when it's heavily trafficked, you're not likely to experience any traffic jams.

The cycleway runs directly from Toombul Shopping Centre to Nudgee Road (just past the overpass over the Gateway Motorway. The only road connections are Melton Road and Hadley Avenue at the Toombul end, although there's a track through the grass at Albert Bishop Park which will take you to Nudgee Road. Be aware of this before you set out, because it's a long way between connections.

Mind your wind forecast 💨

The Jim Soorley Bikeway runs close to the coast, and as such your trip may be heavily influenced by the wind.

There's usually a breeze in some direction, although it's hard to tell whether this will help or hinder before you get out there. Winds are often reasonably strong, and while a tailwind will get you up to an easy 30 km/hour, a headwind will make it a miserable trip indeed.

Map of Jim Soorley Bikeway