Lake Samsonvale

The trip to Lake Samsonvale is roughly ten kilometres from Petrie station, and is cycleway for the most of the journey.

It's a pleasant trip to the lake, although as you might expect the journey involves climbing a few hills, particularly as you get closer to the dam. The dam is about forty-five metres above sea level and the railway station is about ten, so there's a moderate amount of climbing but none of it the hills are overly steep and the only truly "get-off-and-push" stretch is the sixteen-metre uphill right after you cross the North Pine River.

The final leg of the journey requires some road cycling although this mainly involves residential back-streets aside for a 150 metre stretch along Forgan Road to get to Bullocky Rest.

Bullocky Rest

Bullocky Rest is a large picnic area on the eastern bank of Lake Samsonvale. It's a great place to have lunch or spend an evening, with picnic shelters, barbecue areas, playgrounds and other amenities.

The picnic area has the usual facilities including picnic tables, electric barbecues, toilets and fresh drinking water, although you will need to bring your own food as there are no shops within cycling distance.

There's also playgrounds and bushwalks starting nearby if you're feeling adventurous.


Lake Samsonvale Map

This map has been derived from a number of data sources. Portions may not be completely up to date, so please use discretion when riding. If you notice any errors, please get in touch (off-site).

Solid green line
Footpath, off-road cycleway, bike lanes or quiet back street.
Dark green dashed line
Road with little or no dedicated bike infrastructure, but a quiet or easy ride for more confident cyclists.
Red dotted line
No bicycle infrastructure, only recommended for cyclists comfortable riding with traffic.

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