Moreton Bay Cycleway

The Moreton Bay Cycleway is a project to connect 150 kilometres of Brisbane coastline via cycle facilities.

The project is ongoing and expected to be completed some time after 2014, but it's already quite comprehensive in many areas. The cycleway will eventually run from Bribie Island to Redland Bay via the new Gateway Bridge bikeway, and will become the longest cycleway on the Eastern coast of Australia.

The cycleway spans three council areas, and while there's been programs to unify the signage for the entire length, there's still a number of areas where the signs are old or missing. If you're planning on making a day trip of it, consult the map of cycleways in Brisbane so that you can find an area that's suitably complete.

Moreton Bay Cycleway Route

Below is a complete Moreton Bay Cycleway route. As some areas are incomplete and signage is not clear, some areas of the map involve either guesswork or roads included solely to get between completed sections.

Riding the entire Moreton Bay Cycleway route isn't recommended due to the length and incomplete sections, so for that reason we recommend picking a completed section close to home and riding that. Some incomplete sections aren't suitable for inexperienced cyclists either and have been marked as such on the map.

Either way, this map will help you pick a section of the Moreton Bay Cycleway route that matches your skill level.

Map of Moreton Bay Cycleway

Tip: zoom in to see bike paths.