Boondall Wetlands Cycleway

The Moreton Bay Cycleway runs through the Boondall Wetlands between the Entertainment Centre and Nudgee Road.

The wetlands ride is definitely a scenic route. If you're looking for a more direct north-south path, Sandgate Road has bicycle lanes from Nundah to Deagon and is much quicker.

The wetlands ride is comparitively narrow compared to the rest of the MBC, and is quite windy in some places. While it's possible to get up to decent speeds in some places, there are areas you will need to slow right down and take care. Areas you'll need to pay attention to are marked with high visibility stripes on the road or railings.

The wetlands leg of the MBC is a mixture of bitumen, concrete, and boardwalk. Much of the boardwalk facilities have recently been upgraded so it's a smooth enough ride, although some areas are subject to flooding after heavy rains. It's best to leave a day or two after rain before visiting otherwise you may find yourself cycling a lot of the way in water.

The northern end of the Cycleway continues to Boondall Railway Station and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

What to do at Boondall Wetlands

There's car parking available at Boondall Wetlands from 6 AM to 7 PM, so it serves as a good starting point to a day trip (north or south) on the Moreton Bay Cycleway.

There's cycle parking facilities as well as a wildlife centre, picnic area and a walking trail, although you may want to bring insect repellant if you're planning to stop, because the mosquitos can be bad.

The Boondall Entertainment Centre to the west is also open to the public during the day, and there's short walking trails, a bike track, as well as picnic areas with electric barbecues.

Map of Boondall Wetlands Cycleway

Tip: zoom in to see bike paths.