Gateway Bridge Cycleway

The Gateway Bridge (Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge) forms a significant part of the new Moreton Bay Cycleway.

The new Gateway Bridge has a 4.5 metre pedestrian lane which forms an important part of the Moreton Bay Cycleway. Additional cycle paths will be built from the existing Kedron Brook Wetlands cycleway in the north to link with the existing bikeway to the Murrarie Recreation Reserve route as well as nearby suburbs in the south. The Gateway project does not include a link to the rest of the Moreton Bay Cycleway to the east.

Opening of the Gateway Bridge

There was an open day for the new bridge on the 16th of May 2010, which gave pedestrians a chance to walk the bridge for the first time.

The bridge was initially open only to motor vehicles, but has since been opened to pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Getting to the Gateway Bridge

On the north side, There is already a new off-road bikeway spanning from the north entrance to the bridge which will take you most of the way to Nudgee Road.

Kingsford Smith Drive a four-lane road with no shoulders which cuts through the industrial region of Eagle Farm. Cycling on Kingsford Smith Drive is not recommended for novice cyclists, however there are cycle lanes on either side as you get further toward the Gateway Bridge.

On the south side of the Gateway Bridge, connectivity is not great, but you can get around if you’re comfortable riding on roads or footpaths. Queensport Road is a fairly good ride and will get you to and from the bridge. To the south it ends at Murrarie train station, where you’ll find cycle lanes east and west along Wynnum Road, or off-road bikeways heading further south.

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