Redcliffe Cycleway

The Moreton Bay Cycleway traces the waterfront most of the way from Clontarf to Scarborough via Redcliffe. That said, the cycleway isn't completed and bad signage in some cases makes it easy to get lost.

Some spots to look out for include:

  • There's a tricky area in Woody Point where the bike path continues straight ahead, but the Moreton Bay Cycleway veers unexpectedly through a car park. The bike path ends at the Woody Point Jetty, so you can't go too far wrong, but it's tricky to find the cycleway again because the path doesn't start again until halfway up Woodcliffe Crescent. Keep your eyes peeled for signs -- they're there, but they're not prominent.
  • There's a few areas where the cycleway turns into footpath, notably along Whytecliffe Parade between Woody Point and Margate. It's generally easy to make out where you're supposed to go.
The cycle is generally an enjoyable one.

The bikeway is of a high quality most of the way, and it's possible to get a fair bit of speed along Hornibrook Esplanade. Your mileage may vary when you get to Redcliffe however, because the path is shared with pedestrians and runs through Redcliffe Lagoon where you will almost definitely get stuck behind pedestrians walking six abreast on the weekends. Make sure you've got a functioning bell if you're going to attempt this during peak hours.

The cycleway continues north through Scarborough, and loops back around on itself after reaching the peninsula. The dedicated cycleway ends at Newport Drive, and is replaced by cycle lanes on both Newport Drive and Griffith Street. Cycleway coverage from here gets a bit patchy.

The bike path splits in two at Kippa Ring and isn't clearly labeled. Anzac Avenue will take you to North Lakes and Kallangur, whereas the Moreton Bay Cycleway veers off Anzac Avenue down Nathan Road and on to Deception Bay.

What To Do In Redcliffe

Redcliffe is a great seaside destination. The majority of the cycleway is through seaside parkland, notably on the south near Clontarf, but there's also a number of parks in Scarborough and Redcliffe itself.
  • Pelican Park and Bicentennial Park — either side of Bells Beach — are both great destinations. The cycleway weaves through both, and there's plenty of places to stop for water or picnics. There's a number of eateries across the main road, and it's very much a fish 'n chips area.
  • Redcliffe Lagoon, at the very end of Anzac Avenue, is a decent family area. The man-made lagoon is great for the younger ones, but there's picnic areas and shopping areas to explore as well.

Map of Redcliffe Cycleway