Sandgate/Shorncliffe Cycleway

The Moreton Bay Cycleway through Deagon is on-road, but through a very quiet part of town.

It's unusual to see other vehicles other than on the intersection of Adams Street, near the railway station. There is less than 1.5 kilometres of street riding before the dedicated bike path re-appears.

The cycle path through Shorncliffe loops back around on itself and takes a rather long. If you're a tourist it's beautiful, but if you're in a hurry and comfortable with riding in light traffic, it might be quicker to skip the entire of the Shorncliffe section by turning left into Station Road and heading through Sandgate on the road.

At Shorncliffe the cycleway is a combination of concrete paths, residential roads, and cycle lanes. Again it's a very low traffic area so even less confident riders feel comfortable through this area.

From here the cycleway joins back up to the coastline, and there's a long but reasonably kind hill up Cotton Street. Heading north from here you'll be pleased to find it's mostly concrete cycle paths.

Lunch at Shorncliffe

If you want to stop for lunch at Shorncliffe, check out the Shelley Inn Fish & Chips shop on Allpass Parade.

There's a few other food shops around, but this is the most conveniently located actoss from the local jetty, boat ramp and park area on the water.

Eating at Sandgate

There are a few good spots to stop in Sandgate, and it's a good spot for breakfast or lunch. Just north of the railway station is a shopping complex which includes of a supermarket, a few coffee shops, and a bakery. Further up are a few more coffee shops and take-away places, which is great for heading to one of the many nearby parks.

If you'd prefer a picnic there are a few park areas near the shops, but further toward the water you'll find parkland stretching right along the waterfront. Head further south for the park newer shelters and facilities.

There is a pub and a few shops offering various cuisine on the waterfront along Flinders Parade.

Map of Sandgate/Shorncliffe Cycleway