Southeast Freeway Bikeway

The Southeast Freeway bikeway runs parallell to the Southeast Freeway from South Brisbane to Eight Mile Planes.

This bikeway is a busy commuter route servicing the southern suburbs, linking up with all the back-streets truncated by the motorway itself, and connecting to the CBD via the Goodwill Bridge. It's also a part of the V1 veloway linking Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Being off-road, the bikeway is good for all experience levels so it's a great little weekend tour or an excellent commute to work. The climb outbound from the river at the city end is the steepest section along the route.

Southeast Freeway Bikeway Map

This map has been derived from a number of data sources. Portions may not be completely up to date, so please use discretion when riding. If you notice any errors, please get in touch (off-site).

Solid green line
Footpath, off-road cycleway, bike lanes or quiet back street.
Dark green dashed line
Road with little or no dedicated bike infrastructure, but a quiet or easy ride for more confident cyclists.
Red dotted line
No bicycle infrastructure, only recommended for cyclists comfortable riding with traffic.

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