Warner Cycle Network

Warner is a relatively new suburb, and as such has been built with cycle facilities in mind. There is a cycle route between Warner and Bray Park Railway Station via Samsonvale Road and the cycleway through Wendy Allen Park. It's also possible to get to Petrie and Strathpine via this route.

Warner Village is the centre point for the cycle network, which snakes out through the residential estates to the west via Samsonvale Road and Old North Road. The cycle network through the new estates is relatively complete, although there's a few dead ends and construction zones so it's best to consult a map to plan your journey in advance.

It's also possible to get to Lake Samsonvale from Warner if you're comfortable with some road cycling.

South Pine Cycleway

The dedicated cycleway continues south of Warner parallell to Old North Road. At South Pine Road, the cycleway continues south for most of the way to Albany Creek.

There are cycle lanes to the east along South Pine Road, although they aren't labeled as such for the entire way. This route is only recommended for intermediate to experienced cyclists because the lanes disappear, and so some busy road cycling is involved.

Warner Cycle Network Map

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